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Just like judging book from its cover,
people judge your company from its website.


Animation offers an effective medium of presenting your story lively.


The information age is over.
Welcome to the Era of Digital Interactive Communication.


You don’t have enough time to get
people’s first impression.
Engage them with visual content.

Our Works.

Bernardi Factory Shop

Website Design

Bernardi (PT. Eloda Mitra) is a company engaged in the processing of meat in the form of frozen / chilled food, canned food and bakery.

Wei Wang

Website Design

With a humorous and fun brand personality, Weiwang aims to captivate young professionals looking for a quick, high-quality, and hygienic frozen food products for their families.

Edwin Prasetyo

Website Development

Edwin Prasetyo is professional online trader. Partnering with Brandworks Indonesia, we developed his awesome website.


Motion Graphics Video

imooji.com is an online tool to make interactive brochures, event invitations, and catalogues. With a motion graphics video, we helped them visualize their platform and show people how easy it is to make an imooji.


Motion Graphics Video

Intro is a retail space in Surabaya that has a really unique concept. It wasn't easy to explain their "step inside a magazine" concept to people, so we got the opportunity to visualize their idea through a motion graphics video.


Motion Graphics Video

ABLC is an early childhood school in Surabaya that has unique curriculum. We helped them to express their concept and curriculum with a motion graphics video.

Multi Terampil Indonesia

Digital Interactive Media

PT. Multi Terampil Indonesia with Open University of China offer online mandarin courses, specially designed for professionals. We helped them making their online courses, and now it's available at www.mtindonesia.co.id.

Virtual Kolintang

Digital Interactive Media

Kolintang is a traditional music instrument from Minahasa (Sulawesi Utara, Indonesia). In cooperation with Universitas Surabaya (UBAYA) and Elago Tech, we created a playable kolintang app so we can play this traditional instrument anytime and anywhere.
It's now available on google playstore.

TRAMPIL Indonesia

Digital Interactive Media

TRAMPIL is a learning center that is based on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), where the participants can follow the learning process through e-learning system. Partnering with us, we created an online map of the ICTs across Indonesia.

Lotte Mart

imooji - Digital Marketing Tools

Lotte Mart Indonesia (especially in Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi and Bandung) are using imooji as one of their online promotion and marketing tools. We're in charge of designing and developing their imoojis.

Excelso GWALK

imooji - Digital Marketing Tools

Excelso GWALK, one of the branch in Surabaya, is using imooji for their promotions and events. We're helping them to design and develop their online promotion needs.

Hammer Clothing

imooji - Digital Marketing Tools

Hammer is one of the most famous clothing brand in Indonesia. In cooperation with imooji.com, we helped them in developing their online catalog.

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